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Once bread becomes toast, it can never go back...

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I can talk about myself... a lot... so I figure I may as well gather some of those thoughts here and stop babbling on and on to my friends (some of whom just read all of that on here anyway). Here I have space to just let it all be about me and what I want to talk about... and I like it that way.

This journal is about my life, my love, my family, my friends, my academic pursuits, my love/hate relationship with the gym and food, my job, and anything else that crosses my mind. I like my life - where I'm at, what I've done, the mistakes I've made, where I'm going, my goals, my dreams, my wishes, hopes, and aspirations. It's all here... plus a whole lot of trivial nonsense, which no life is complete without. And, so this life of mine can be just a little extra drama-free, this journal is friends-only. This way I can write what I want and know for certain who's reading.


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